The third wish

The Third Wish Lyrics by Mexican Southpark

Another deadly ceremony,

In a sacred territory,

It was all done for the glory,

You bitches ain’t got nothin’ for me

O-G, from the H-I, double L, W, double O, D

Live the life of the lowly,

Movin’ white ponies, still puttin’ in work for the dead homies,

Show me the way out, stayin’ ready for anything under the sun,

Under the moon, under the stars, God I’m lookin’ for somewhere to run

Dumpin’ my gun, as soon as I’m done,

Leavin’ ’em numb, with one in his lung,

Livin’ fast and dyin’ young, always business never for fun

Chorus [Marilyn Rylander]:

Tell me what it is

Tell me what you want

For your 3rd Wishhhhhhhh

This is your last wishhhhhhh

Tell me what it is

Tell me what you need

For your 3rd Wishhhhhhh

This is your last wishhhhhhh

Second Verse [SPM]:

Bussin’ our teflon, at the red dawn,

I ain’t f*ckin’ with nothin’, get stepped on

The purest, I’m the surest, playin’ a tourist walkin’ through Saigon,

Been a hustler servin’ up big bricks,

And livin’ my life to hit licks,

Trip on a G like me and see the beads of banana clips Trick

Stamina cannot be duplicated,

Bite on the dust, you get faded,

So many wannabe criminals up in the game of drug-related

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