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Out Now – Stronghold Kingdoms iOS

The strongholdThe new mobile version of Stronghold Kingdoms is finally available on the iOS App Store and will be coming Google Play on August 31st. This is both Firefly Studios’ first mobile release and the first ever Stronghold game to come to mobile, making it a massive milestone for us! Stronghold Kingdoms is completely free to play and includes all main gameplay features of the game on PC and Mac. Kingdoms on mobile is the full game with new touch controls and cross-platform play between iOS, PC, Mac and Android once that version is made available.

While new mobile players will have to register for a full Kingdoms account in-game after downloading the app, existing players can simply download and log in using their registered email and password. With the full game playable on mobile, players can switch between each version of the game at will! Whether you join forces with your mobile brethren or go head-to-head in a clash of the platforms is up to you. Either way you can now access your castle from work, school, home and even while you’re on vacation. Our first mobile release is a huge achievement for Firefly and we can’t wait to hear what you think of it!

Following the release of Stronghold Kingdoms on Android in two weeks’ time players can expect updates for all versions of the game. While certain mobile improvements may make their way into the PC game we also have major features, new game worlds and a wealth of quality of life improvements planned for veteran Kingdoms players.

The strongholdThe stronghold

The strongholdIt seems like only yesterday that The Boy, aided by his faithful counsellor Sir Longarm, rose up against The Wolf and his evil henchmen. A decade and a half has now passed since Stronghold was first released in stores and since then we have besieged both famous and fictional castles together in medieval Europe, the Crusades-era Middle East and Arthurian kingdoms. More →

The strongholdPay what you want or beat the average and get more than seven awesome titles in the latest Humble Bundle! We’ve joined forces with our friends at Humble to bring you Crusader 2 (and many other excellent games) at their lowest ever price! It’s completely up to you how much you pay and where your money goes. You can send it all to the hard working developers, awesome charities or all-around great human beings at Humble as a tip for their great work. The important thing here is that YOU can get CHEAP VIDEOGAMES.

Much (virtual) blood was spilled on the deserts of the Holy Land in ‘Crush The Champions!’, our most challenging Stronghold Crusader 2 tournament yet. Twelve brave Stronghold warriors clashed heads, with a mix of series veterans and new blood fighting tooth and nail to win. Teams of two faced off against brave solo players across four specially selected maps, during what turned out to be an intense weekend! More →

We have just released an update to address a couple of issues experienced by some players. Clocking in at a minuscule 3.4 MB today’s update is more of a hotfix solution, fixing the “Fetchez La Vache” achievement and adding an options_override file. The latter is for players experiencing issues when saving game options such as saved games. For more information please read on.

The stronghold

The full Stronghold Crusader 2 base game is currently FREE to download and play this weekend on Steam and the game is also 80% off until Monday. Every player with a Steam account now has access to the single player campaigns, multiplayer and all secondary modes such as free build! More →

‘Crush the Champions!’ Winner Crowned!

The strongholdLast weekend twelve brave warriors competed in our latest Stronghold Crusader 2 tournament. ‘Crush the Champions!’ pitted four teams of two against four solo players in the ultimate test of Stronghold strategy and mastery of RTS gameplay. After 16 hard-fought matches in the desert our tireless warriors can now rest in peace, while those who emerged victories can enjoy their prizes! More →

After an avalanche of applications for our ‘Crush the Champions!’ tournament we have randomly selected 12 lucky contestants to take part. Each will be given the opportunity to do one of two things: Demonstrate their superior solo tactical skills or prove that teamwork is the ultimate weapon. More →

‘Crush the Champions!’ Tournament

The strongholdDo YOU have what it takes to defeat a team of two bloodthirsty challengers in a special handicap match? Perhaps you’d rather be on the other side… Challenging some of the greatest veteran Lords in Stronghold history with a teammate at your side. More →

To celebrate the start of the Steam Lunar New Year Sale we have just released a small update adding three extra skirmish maps to the game! Punish complacent players in Around The Cross by claiming the higher ground, adapt to your environment in A Long River or control vital supply lines on Fire Fight! This update is completely free and will download automatically via the Steam client. More →

Stronghold Crusader II Ultima versione Full

The multi-player mode offers plenty of details that will keep you entertained, especially with the cooperation mode that lets you control the same army and use strategy to defeat your enemy. Intricate combat details are one of the features that make this game likable. There are plenty of units to utilize and the tactical aspect will make players use their heads, as opposed to simply charging into battle. However, the interface could use some improvements.

The small menus conflict with the expertly-designed title graphics and the mouse interface seems to have been hurriedly crated. Unit orders are limited and provide no explanation to gamers on what their functions are. Additionally, gamers cannot issue orders in a series and selecting units is tricky. Overall, Stronghold Crusaders II is great game that offers excellent playability, smooth unit animations, and plenty of building options. If you enjoyed the first instalment of this title, you will love the sequel.

the stronghold

The stronghold

In their first-ever jointly authored book, Michael and Nancy Brown share the inspiring, practical, and humorous story of their own journey from obesity to vibrant health. If you want to break free from the stronghold of food and discover a wonderful new way of life, this book will show you the way.

Michael L. Brown is the founder and president of FIRE School of Ministry, a leadership training institute birthed out of the fires of revival that is called to equip authentic and devoted disciples of Jesus. With a PhD from New York University in Near Eastern Languages and Literatures, he is recognized as one of the leading Messianic Jewish scholars in the world today. He hosts the nationally syndicated daily talk radio show The Line of Fire and is the author of more than 25 books, including The Grace Controversy.

The stronghold

Nancy Brown came to faith in Jesus as a nineteen-year-old Jewish atheist. She and Michael have been married since 1976 and are the parents of two children and four grandchildren. A great lover of nature and photography, Nancy is known for her clear and direct communication and her uncompromising spiritual standards. Michael credits her with being the number one influence in his life outside of the Lord Himself.

Breaking the Stronghold of Food

D r. Michael Brown and his wife Nancy have released a new book entitled Breaking the Stronghold of Food.

In their first-ever jointly authored book, Michael and Nancy share the inspiring, practical, and humorous story of their own journey from obesity to vibrant health. The book is designed to set you free from the stronghold of food and discover a wonderful new way of life.

I caught up with Michael recently to discuss his new book.

The stronghold

How does a person know if they are addicted to food?

Michael Brown: I put together a checklist for food addiction. Take the test and see how you do.

1) The thought of giving up your favorite, unhealthy food(s) for an extended period of time (like a week or a month) is almost terrifying to you.

2) You have a negative, emotional reaction when you go without your favorite unhealthy food(s).

3) If you don’t have your daily coffee or sweets or other habitual foods, you get headaches and even experience withdrawal symptoms.

4) You know that if you ate differently you’d be healthier and would likely live longer, but you’re not willing to change.

5) You’ve lost weight in the past (perhaps many times) only to gain it all back again.

6) You’re embarrassed about being overweight but find yourself unable to change your diet for any length of time.

7) You deceive others about your food choices, keeping a hidden stash of your favorite “forbidden” foods or eating them when no one is watching.

8) You make excuses for your bad eating habits in ways you would never do for other areas of your life that are undisciplined.

9) You have physical cravings for certain foods and you need to eat them to satisfy those cravings.

10) You live in denial concerning your bad eating habits, blaming others or minimizing your problems or claiming that God is fine with your unhealthy diet.

If any one of these 10 items apply to you, you’re most likely a food addict. (Sorry, but that’s the truth!) In the past, I was probably 10 for 10. Now, by God’s grace, I’m zero for 10.

Tell us what provoked you and your wife to write the book. Tell us your story.

Michael Brown: Nancy and I have experienced a radical change of life through changing our relationship to food, and we want others to experience radical change as well. So many people are sick because of unhealthy eating, so many die prematurely, so many are worn down all the time. Obesity is far more deadly than drinking and smoking, and in many ways, unhealthy eating is harder to change than other habits. For me, it was easier to give up shooting drugs in 1971 than to give up chocolate in 2014, but the same grace that helped me in 1971 helped in 2014.

In August of 2014, I weighed 275 lbs. Less than eight months later I weighed 180 lbs., losing more than ten inches around my waist. I cannot tell you how wonderfully vibrant I feel!

Over the years, my cholesterol was as high as 240. Fifteen months after I began my lifestyle change, it was down to 123. My blood pressure got as high as 149/103. Today it averages 105/65. I used to get headaches two-three times a week. I have not had a headache in more than two years.

For Nancy, being overweight was not only a health issue but it also paralyzed her. She didn’t even want to go out of the house. For me, there were definitely health issues beginning to surface – especially high blood pressure – and I was getting more and more tired with the busy ministry schedule I kept. Now, I literally feel as if I’m getting younger. My immune system is massively better and my energy level incredible.

Also, I was embarrassed by being overweight, since I lived a very disciplined lifestyle. My problem was lifelong unhealthy eating more than gluttony. Being thin and fit now lines up with the way I live for the Lord.

How is your book different from other books on diet and food addictions written by Christians?

Michael Brown: I believe what is unique about our book is that it is written by Nancy and me together, and she chimes in throughout the book with her unique insights, total candor, and amazing wisdom. So, it’s like sitting across the table from us where one picks up on the other’s story. This seems to help both male and female readers alike.

Also, our book is both spiritual and practical, identifying what is sinful and giving readers steps to help break free – based on the Word – while also pointing to practical steps that every believer can take. And for those needing detailed recipe and food plans, we have lots of helpful links.

We also focus on the “why” of eating, with the goal of helping people change their relationship to food, not just change what they eat. Sometimes the “why” of our eating habits is just as important as the “what.”

Are you saying in the book that a person should never, for the rest of their lives, eat a piece of cake at a birthday party or for any other occasion? If so, please give your reasoning for this and do you think this is really feasible for most believers? If that’s not what you’re saying, please clarify.

Michael Brown: It’s different for everyone. For me, I don’t plan to have another piece of chocolate or another french fry or another slice of NY pizza for the rest of my life – and I’m 100% fine with the thought of that. First, I had more than enough bad food for several lifetimes already. Second, I love the foods I eat now and really enjoy them. Third, and most importantly, I don’t know what would happen if I ate some of these foods again. What if I was drawn back in? What if old addictions were suddenly awakened?

Nancy made the food change before I did and was doing great, also allowing herself periodic splurge days (maybe once every month or two), planning out exactly what she would eat on those days. She did fine for a while, but then one day became two, then three, and before she knew it, she had gained back a lot of the weight she lost. She found it much harder to get on track the second time around, and she’s interacted with many people who share the same story.

So, we recommend that people go all in, without exceptions. That also gives them the full health benefits of this new lifestyle. But if someone could eat birthday cake once or twice a year or another favorite indulgence once a quarter and never get pulled back, good for them. What’s interesting is that when you eat totally healthy long enough, you might just get sick if you ate something bad one time (meaning, have stomach pain or something else). Your body isn’t used to the poisons.

What do you say to the person who simply cannot make all their meals from scratch at home?

Michael Brown: Actually, I’m constantly on the road and have to plan ahead, so I know there are many challenges. And then there are moms who want to eat well but their husband and kids don’t, making for other challenges. But I’d say first that everyone can buy fruits and vegetables and almost everyone can prepare a salad. As for other meals, if they can’t cook, there are websites and stores that sell healthy meals too – for example, we buy some super healthy veggie burgers that you can microwave at home, and another friend buys super healthy soups that he just needs to heat up. So, where there’s a will, there’s a way.

It’s also important to remember that your taste buds will crave what you feed them. I love to eat foods now that, in the past, I would have paid you to avoid (seriously). I was a super picky eater, virtually never eating fruit and being very limited in terms of vegetables I liked. If I could change, anyone could.

For those who read your book and conclude they should only eat plant-based foods, what do you say about Jesus eating fish?

Michael Brown: I have about six ounces of grilled meat once a week (although sometimes I actually forget to have it, since it’s not that big of a deal to me anymore), so we have no issue with Jesus (or anyone) eating fish. We are not total vegans in that regard, although we eat a heavily plant-based diet, which study after study confirms to be of foundational importance for health, both physical and mental – meaning, having a healthy brain.

I would say, though, that meats today are not like meats in Bible days (because of genetic modifications), while fish can have more pollutants today as well. But from what I understand, if meat or fish makes up less than 10% of your weekly caloric intake, it’s not an issue. (For the record, I’m not talking about pork, nor am I talking about having fried chicken or some steak smothered in unhealthy toppings.)

Related to the last question: how does a person get vitamin B12, Creatine, Vitamin D3, and DHA if they only eat plant-based foods?

Michael Brown: Again, we’re not advocating a plant-only diet, and I get lots of my protein from beans (about a cup and a half a day; again, I would have paid you money not to eat beans in the past), but I do take a daily, multi-vitamin supplement, along with a DHA-Omega Fatty Acid supplement. And I get my blood checked once or twice a year. Once my iron level was slightly low, so I took a supplement for that.

All that being said, I think we’re focusing on the wrong question here. Why not look at the radical, positive changes that come? Why not look at what happens to high blood pressure, what happens to clogged arteries (yes, you can completely unclog them through healthy eating), what happens to Type II diabetes (it can be 100% reversed), what happens to other chronic conditions, what happens to those unneeded pounds – the list goes on and on. How about being here another 10 or 20 or 30 years for your family and your ministry? God has put so many amazing things into this world He created, and the more we take advantage of them, the healthier we will be.

What push back have you received from readers and what has your response been to it?

Michael Brown: Thankfully, we’ve been flooded with testimonies of people whose lives have been dramatically changed – and I mean dramatically. They write to us in tears, talking about the new lives they are living, and we are humbled by the responses.

As for negative pushback, a few think they we are insisting on a totally vegan diet, which we’re not; a few others (very few, actually) say the book is condemning despite our constant tone of encouragement (we make plain that the pages of this book are a “no condemnation zone”); a few others have been upset that we did not give the reader a day by day plan for several months. But that was not the intent of the book, and we do give out lots of practical guidelines, also linking to free websites we recommend as well as to books and other resources we find helpful. We also did not want to say that the way we do things is the only way – although we highly recommend it.

What else do you want readers to know about your book?

Michael Brown: Our health is not something to play with, and the vast majority of Americans eat a very unhealthy diet. We are literally killing ourselves with our unhealthy eating, and surely as God’s children we can do better than this. And this is a real stronghold in the church as well, since so much of what we do revolves around eating. (Think of it!)

So, let’s be honest with ourselves and, with God’s help, seek to make some radical changes. And for those who are hopeless and who have tried everything, we believe this book could be the impetus for lasting change. That’s one of the most gratifying things we hear: “I had tried everything and given up hope, but this book has renewed my hope and my resolve.”

We pray that every single reader will be as radically changed as we have been.

Stronghold Kingdoms Parish Guide

Parish is the smallest number of diplomacy, a smallest administration collection of individual Stronghold Kingdoms villages. With this Stronghold Kingdoms Parish guide, you will learn everything that you need with Stronghold Kingdoms parish system. If you have found this guide helpful, please also check out our list of Stronghold Kingdoms guides.

Depending on how active your Parish is in the Stronghold Kingdoms, you may receive differing amount of benefits in the game. The first straight forward benefit is that the steward and fellow Parish players may send out reinforcing troops to help you defend your village when you are under sttack.

Being in a Parish is about contributing for a central goal, because it is faster to help a starting player to grow fast at the beginning of the game, you may request some starting resources help if you are willing to contribute to your Stronghold Parish in the future.

Lastly, the Parish buildings can increase all of the village for the players inside the Parish. These building benefits include Parish buildings that improve your village productivity or castle defenses.

Contributing to Stronghold Kingdoms Parish Growth

There are multiple ways in which you can make your Parish stronger. Below is a guide list of these potential methods:

Stronghold Kingdoms Parish Tithe Tax

Your village is taxed on a daily basis based on the number set forth by your Steward. Be having some gold in your Village, you will be taxed accordingly. To really help your Parish, always keep some gold available so that they can flow to your Parish buildings.

You can check the Parish buildings that your Parish has, and you can donate resources to the various buildings to help them upgrade. Whenever you have resource pluses, donate them to your Parish whenever possible. You can follow the following method to donate resources to your Parish to help its building upgrades:

Click on the parish tab on the toolbar when in your village screen. Click on any of the Parish buildings. Click Donate resources and use the slider to change the type of the Stronghold Kingdoms resources that you want to contribute to the Parish.

Whenever possible, always trade with your Parish Capitals as the Parish Capital will gain some gold per trades.

To determine the Steward for your Parish, the person will have to be voted Yes by the players within the Parish. To start voting for one player, you must have reached a rank of 4 (Peasant). Each village that you own will generate three votes per day. This means that the more village that you have in a certain Parish, the more political say that you will have.

To become the Steward of a Parish, you will need to be rank 6 or above (Villein). It should be noted that the Stronghold Kingdoms leaders need to constantly be voted for, as their vote count decreases daily. In addition, the leaders may earn Stronghold Kingdoms glory points for their houses.

Erecting Stronghold Kingdoms Parish Buildings

To build the Parish buildings, you will need to have flags available. One new flag is generated every 18 – 36 hours. However, the Stronghold Kingdoms Parish Flags may also be stolen from other parishes. Flags may be stolen from other capitals by attacking them. If a parish member attacks another capital, the flag will go to the parish that their village is located in. This flag capture game may hinder another Parish growth while at the same time helping yourself when needed. However, the attacks for the flags may often lead to war inside the game.

Stronghold Kingdoms Parish Building List

There are many buildings that can be built under the Parish system. These can be divided into 4 main categories: Castle Structures, Army Structures, Civilian Structures, and Guilds.

The Architects’ Guild allows wooden and stone walls, gatehouses, and towers to be built in the parish capital castle.

Labourers’ Billets increase the speed at which buildings are erected in the parish capital castle, and may not be upgraded. A total of 20 billets may be placed.

The Castellan’s House upgrades the keep in the parish capital castle, providing a better basic defence.

The Sergeant-at-Arms Office increases the protection of archers on walls and towers, as well as providing access to new defence technologies in the parish capital castle. In addition, it allows Guard Houses to be built within the castle.

Stables allows a sally-forth, in which knights ride out from the keep during battles to attack enemy troops.

The Turret Maker allows turrets to be built in the parish capital castle and in all village castles within the parish.

The Tunnellers’ Guild allows tunnels to be dug in the parish capital castle and in all village castles within the parish.

The Ballista Maker allows the creation of ballista towers in the parish capital castle and in all village castles within the parish.

Barracks increase the size of the army available in the capital. Each Barrack increases the troop limit by 25. The Barracks cannot be upgraded.

The Peasant Conscription hall allows the recruitment of Armed Peasants in the capital once it is upgraded to Level 1. Upgrading this building increases Armed Peasants’ hit points.

The Archery Range allows the recruitment of Archers in the parish capital once it is upgraded to Level 1. Upgrading this building increases Archers’ hit points.

The Pikeman’s Drill Yard allows the recruitment of Pikemen in the parish capital once it is upgraded to Level 1. Upgrading this building increases Pikemen’s hit points.

The Combat Arena allows the recruitment of Swordsmen in the parish capital once it is upgraded to Level 1. Upgrading this building increases Swordsmen’s hit points.

The Siege Engineers’ Guild allows the building of Catapults in the parish capital once it is upgraded to Level 1. Upgrading this building increases the Catapults’ rate of fire.

Each Supply Depot slightly increases the speed of the army when it is sent from the parish capital. The building cannot be upgraded; however, a maximum of 20 may be placed.

Stronghold Kingdoms Parish Civilian Structures

The Town Hall increases the speed with which buildings are erected within the parish capital.

The Church increases the daily faith points of all the villages within the parish. This building may only be placed in parish capitals.

The Town Garden increases the popularity-honour multiplier for villages within the parish. This building may only be placed in parish capitals.

Statues increase the popularity-honour multiplier for villages within the parish, and may not be upgraded – instead, a maximum of 100 may be placed. Statues may only be placed in parish capitals.

Stronghold Kingdoms Parish Guild Structures

All of the Stronghold Kingdoms resources can have a corresponding production guild in their Parish Capital.

In a Parish, you will have a limit of 500 troops when you have fully built your barracks in game.

Stronghold Kingdoms Parish Plagues

Plague (the green skull) will occasionally spawn in the parish capital, and will worsen over time if left untreated. The greater the plague disease points, the greater the negative effect on all villages in the parish. If you have left it untreated, eventually rats will spawn from a diseased capital, and spread the plague to others.

If you have researched Stronghold Kingdoms Baptism, disease points can be removed by sending monks to the infected parish capital, and performing a Restoration (researched from Baptism). It should be noted that Stronghold Kingdoms Monks may be sent to any parish with disease, not just the player’s own parish. You can also obtain Honor points by curing disease with your Stronghold Kingdoms monks.

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